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Jonathan's top five digital tools

Wed, 13/05/2015 - 09:52 -- samanthataylor
Social Media 4 Good is an agency that specialises in supporting charities and good causes to use sites like Twitter and Facebook. Jonathan Gilbert is the head honcho and he’s shared his top five digital tools with us...

Back in the distant past of the 1990s there was an emerging and basic internet - it was fantastic, but it’s functionality was limited. If you wanted to undertake a research survey, for example, you needed technical knowledge, specialist, expensive software and a large quantity of time.

Fast forward 15 years and the digital world has evolved a lot. There are now great digital tools online to help you with most tasks. Furthermore, most of them have a free version!

The number and range of digital tools is constantly growing and evolving. This is exciting, but, at the same time, it can be bewildering! Our top picks have all been road-tested in our business and have been carefully chosen as sure-fire winners for everyone:

  1. MailChimpA great tool for developing and managing mailing lists, and designing and analysing communication and marketing campaigns. It has an easy-to-follow way to design professional looking emails. Its ‘reports’ feature is excellent, enabling a thorough analysis of who is reading your mail and engaging with it.
  2. EventbriteIf you need to organise events, Eventbrite is a must! Literally crammed full of customisable features and settings, it allows you to take bookings, market your event and communicate easily with delegates. It does take a little while to find your way around all of the features but bear with it - it’s just because there’s so many useful ones!
  3. HighriseAt Social Media 4 Good we’ve dabbled with a number of relationship management tools over the years and been quite underwhelmed by many. Highrise is easy-to-use and it enables you to keep contacts, their details, background notes and tasks relating to them in one location with a clean and simple interface.
  4. SurveyMonkeyMost organisations need to do research at some point - SurveyMonkey is a great way to do it. With a bank of common questions and question formats it’s fairly quick and easy to drag and drop your selection. You can have up to 10 questions with the free version, which is suffice for most exercises.
  5. Steep.itIn our office all of the above are best powered with generous amounts of tea and coffee, but sometimes we’re so focussed on tasks we forget that we’re brewing a cup! This is where this internet tea timer (works equally well for coffee!) comes in. Just select your strength and brewing time and off you go!

If you need any further advice or help with any of these tools, Jonathan and his team at Social Media 4 Good would be very pleased to chat with you - they’re also happy to advise on tea/coffee making! Head across to their website to find out more.

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