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Give a little to charity with this new online fundraising platform

Thu, 14/01/2016 - 10:46 -- samanthataylor

A new online fundraising platform has been launched by a dedicated charity fundraiser, with the aim of encouraging donors to give ‘little and often’ for everyday challenges.

According to The Guardian, the new platform, Give Penny, was founded by Lee Clark, who, in early 2013, had to pull out of a charity cycling event because of flu, after training for four months in freezing weather. Later in 2013, he took part in Movember, but felt a lot of people were avoiding donating small amounts fearing they’d be thought of as cheap.

After these experiences and seeing other small collecting ventures appearing on the scene, such as iCuckoo, Clark decided to create his own online fundraising platform called

The platform is easy to use and a really convenient way to fundraise. It allows you to ‘connect what you do everyday to the causes you love’, meaning you’re able to track your physical activities by linking your account to lifestyle apps, such as Fitbit and Runkeeper, as well as Facebook check-in. You can then invite sponsors to offer small amounts for training or event milestones.

As well as this, Clark wants Give Penny to be a creative hub; a place where charities can encourage people to participate in group challenges, such as walking or running a few miles towards a group target.

He told The Guardian: "It’s a nod to the traditional school sponsorship form of yesteryear and it means that there’s an opportunity for a charity to benefit even if someone doesn’t complete a challenge. The focus is on pledging small amounts," says Clark.

"We want to offer a new way to embed regular giving into the public consciousness. I feel that the very best example of how technology has enabled people to give very small amounts without feeling guilty is the charity Pennies – they have started the move of spare change donation from the collection tins on shop counters to online or card payments."

Check out Give Penny today and see what you can do to raise money for a good cause.