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Enjoy a taste of community spirit

Fri, 27/03/2015 - 11:46 -- Anonymous (not verified)
The Big Lunch is a brilliant idea from the Eden Project. It's aim is to bring communities together across the whole of the UK to have food, socialise and have some fun! Fancy getting involved? Trudi Holden, from the Eden Project, has shared some great online resources to help you get started!

The Big Lunch - the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours – is calling on people across the UK to open up their streets, community centres, churches or any space that can be filled with people, and bring a taste of community spirit to their areas.

Last year, this initiative - funded by The Big Lottery - saw 4.83 million people taking part; all helping to create stronger, more sustainable communities through a simple act of having fun with their neighbours.

This year, on Sunday 7th June, millions of people from all kinds of communities will again be getting together for a couple of hours to share food, conversation and make new friends.

Over the years, Big Lunches have proved to be more than just a street party full of trifles, trestle, tables and bunting. People are the key ingredient, with those taking part beginning to create friendlier communities, in which they start to share more - from conversation and ideas to skills and resources - and the effects last beyond the day itself, with 85% of attendees feeling better about where they live as a result!

So, enjoying a Big Lunch is just the start– it’s what can happen after that really makes the difference!

Get your Free Pack!

The Big Lunch offers FREE packs to help you get started. It’s full of ideas, tips and resources, including stickers, posters, invitations and lots more! Order yours now at or by calling 0845 850 8181.

There are also lots of free online resources up for grabs including:

  • Recipes
  • Activity ideas
  • Downloadable posters
  • Event insurance information
  • Road closure guidance
  • Template press release to promote your lunch locally

You can find these in the downloadable resources and ideas page of The Big Lunch website.