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Doing more with digital technologies

Mon, 26/11/2012 - 12:07 -- Victoria Lawson

Join our FREE* public webinar to discuss, share and explore digital technologies, helping you to identify digital tools to use in your communities. Everyone is welcome to join.

There are an increasing number of online tools available and more and more people are benefiting from using them on a daily basis.

Doing more with digital technologies is all about empowering and bringing communities together.

The webinar will help you in your community to

  • Save time
  • Manage projects
  • Raise important funds
  • Bring communities together

The purpose of this training webinar is to discuss and explore digital technologies to help you in your community placing you in a position where digital technologies can add real value to the things you care about most, at work or in your private lives.

Who is the training aimed at?

The training session proactively encourages discussions, with plenty of opportunities to share and learn. Whether you're a techno-whizz or a bit of a techno-phobe this training webinar will be ideal for you.

Learning outcome

You will gain a good understanding of the digital tool landscape and you will be able to identify various online tools which you can use in your professional and private lives. By the end of the session you will be able to answer, “Why you should use digital technologies and what tools do you need to use to benefit you?”

Joining this training webinar:

For more infomation and to book a place on one of the webinars, please visit UK online centres training pages

*Free to UK online centre partners, there is a small fee for non-partners.

Doing more with digital