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Are you ready for Get Online Week?

Wed, 07/10/2015 - 13:55 -- samanthataylor

Next week is the 9th annual Get Online Week, the UK’s biggest digital inclusion campaign. What are you doing to celebrate?

Running from 12-18 October, the aim of the campaign is to help show people how the internet can make their lives a little easier - including you and your community!

Almost 1000 Get Online Week events will be taking place in community venues all across the country; in village halls, community centres, doctors’ surgeries, job centres, and more! People will be learning how to make life easier by getting online for the first time, and doing more with their skills.

If you’ve yet to sign up for the campaign, and would like to do so, head across to the Get Online Week website today. If you’re already signed up, you can find out more information on there too, including a handy toolkit to help you plan and run an event, and the stories behind the stars of this year’s campaign!