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This tool helps you easily create online quizzes and tests, either for fun, learning or for more serious purposes.

It’s really easy to get started and create your own test in minutes, and then get the results instantly without having to mark them all yourself!

You can randomise question orders, add time limits, set availability dates and even create custom certificates for those completing your test.

Case studies

    Hazel Broad, Deputy Director of Reading Voluntary Action talks about how RVA uses Classmarker to assess the proficiency of potential admin volunteers applying for roles on their team.


- Let users download their own personalised certificate once test is completed
- Keep all your tests organised with different categories
- Add your organisation’s logo and theme colours to your quizzes
- You don’t have to spend time marking tests
- Export test results so you can analyse the data


- Free package available but not all features come with the free package